DIY Rey Costume – Base Layer

My first post of 2017! As part of my goals for the new year I am hoping to post more often this upcoming year. To start off this year I’m continuing my Rey process. This part will be about the base layer.

For the base layer I looked for pants in a cool fabric and the neutral colors that Rey wears.

I was also looking for something that would create the billowing/harem pant effect that she seems to have. To be honest, I looked everywhere. I just couldn’t find anything that I really loved. I had contemplated THESE jogger pants in the khaki, biker wheat #777, and biker wheat #888, but was worried about the exact color and how it would work with the other colors in the ensemble. I just wasn’t feeling right about it.

neither-skywalker-she-just-luke-former-padawanAbout a month before the Halloween party I was talking to my mom and she was asking how everything was coming together. I told her that I had everything except my pants. She told me that she had been looking at some ideas online. She sent me the picture of THESE harem pants. As soon as I saw the picture I knew that these were the pants I needed.  I ordered them in the mocha color.

I love these pants. They hit just below my knee and still have the billow effect that I was trying to get. They also have little pockets in them that are easily hidden. I liked the pockets during the Halloween party because I just would put my phone in it and I didn’t have to dig into my bag to get it out every time I wanted to take a picture, which I did quite often.

The shirt was much easier. I looked for a cotton shirt that was long sleeved, nude/oatmeal/khaki colored shirt. “But, why long sleeved? As you can clearly tell in all the research you did she wears a short sleeved shirt.” All in good time my young padawans, all in good time. I also noticed that on her shirt, Rey had a bit of a ‘v’ cut into the neckline. I looked at THIS shirt that had buttons on it. While doing my research on the shirt specifically I found EmeraldB’s post about how she handled the shirt. She found a shirt that had buttons and planned on taking them off. I would recommend checking out her post HERE if you choose to go that route. I was prepared to go this way, but then I came across THIS shirt. The reviews for the shirt said that it was a little see through, but it wasn’t anything a tank  top couldn’t fix.

You can see my tank top a little on my back.

I wore a white tank under mine and it looked fine, you could tell that I was wearing it. I would also try to size up when ordering or use a nude/oatmeal tank under next time. I also liked the cotton/spandex blend in the Anaheim weather. We were able to enter the park at 4 in the afternoon, while it was still a little warmer. As the night went on it got cooler. Because cotton is such a breathable fabric it kept me cooler, but then as it got cooler the spandex and cotton kept me very warm. I don’t recall ever needing a jacket while at the Halloween party.

For the first part of this series click HERE to learn about my research process for this costume.

If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment in down below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



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